Our Mission, Vision, and History

''An investment in knowledge pays the best interest''

Benjamin Franklin


Clover University is an institution of higher education providing highly specialized, cutting edge, graduate education that is delivered in an online format by world class faculty. Clover University relies on a creative, empathic, and inspiring student-centered approach, that focuses on excellence in teaching and research, while supporting each student throughout their journey. Our mission is to provide students with the theoretical and applied knowledge required to excel in high demand jobs across various sectors of the economy. Our caring and engaged faculty are committed to provide our diverse and talented student body with the attention needed to foster creativity, independent and critical thinking, as well as high ethical values. Our primary mission is to deliver excellence in virtual education, at the heart of which lies the commitment to make a student’s online experience superior to that of an in-person education.


Clover University offers Master of Science Degrees and Graduate Certificates in high demand fields such as data analytics, computational economics, and sustainable energy. Large amounts of data are collected throughout the economy. The collection, analysis and interpretation of data, whether it is at the consumer, producer, industry or government level requires a workforce that possesses strong skills in data analytics, and a good foundation in theoretical and applied economics. Likewise, the concerted effort by nations around the world to tackle global warming requires energy sectors worldwide to transition to a more sustainable path without compromising on economic growth.


The establishment of Clover University was motivated by the strong desire to provide high quality education, online, in a student friendly format. On the initiative of our CEO, the founders of Clover University met virtually in the Spring of 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic to create a graduate university. The founders developed several innovative curricula aimed at preparing our graduates for a successful career in high-demand fields such as energy, data analytics, computational economics, and economic development.