Grade Information

Clover University uses a four-point grading systems as shown in the following table.
A Excellent 4 3
B Above Average 3 3
C Average 2 3
D Below Average 1 3
F Fail 0 0
I Incomplete 0 0
W Withdrawal 0 0
AW Administrative Withdrawal 0 0
NS Non-Start 0 0

Grade Point Average

The Grade Point Average or GPA is calculated as the average points earned by a student for all courses completed at Clover University.

Student Attendance and Participation Requirements

Courses provide both live lectures with mandatory online attendance and asynchronous lectures and assignments. Instructional materials will be exclusively posted in the online Moodle classroom. All assignments must be completed by their due date as detailed in the course syllabus. Late submissions will automatically be penalized via a grade reduction. Should a student encounter extreme circumstances that would prevent the submission of an assignment on time, then the student should contact the professor via email preferably before the due date and make alternative arrangements.
Clover University’s learning methodology also includes attendance requirements for live lectures, the participation in weekly discussion forums and the completion of weekly assignments that are graded. Failure to participate in discussion forums or to submit assignments on time will penalize students via a grade reduction. If a student falls behind for more than two weeks by not attending lectures and/or failing to submit assignments on time Clover University reserves the right to Administratively Withdraw (AW) the student.

Grading Scale

Letter grades follow the percentage ranges defined below.

Letter Grade Percentage Range
A 90
B 80 – 89
C 70 – 79
D 60 – 69
F 60

Professors may award plus or minus grades at their discretion.