Graduate Programs in Data Analytics and Specializations



Clover University’s specialized, professional STEM certified graduate programs in data analytics and in data analytics and sustainable energy equip graduates with the right skills to be job-ready and to future-proof their careers in an increasingly competitive environment.


The ever-increasing collection of data across all sectors of the economy drives the high demand for skilled talent. Through 2030 it is projected that 7,100 new jobs in data science/analysis will be created in Virginia[1]. In 2022 data science/analytics is one of the most in-demand career paths and the role of data scientist is ranked third in Glassdoor's '50 Best Jobs in America for 2022'[2].

Our cohort based programs have a low student-faculty ratio and are taught by leading practioners in the field and experienced academics. The toolbox that our graduates are equipped with gives them the ability to identify problems, source the required data, perform data analysis and forecasts, draw meaningful conclusions and communicate their findings in the form of presentations and reports.


The access to abundant and affordable energy that is produced in an environmentally responsible manner is inextricably linked to economic development and well-being. The digital transformation of the energy industry leads to the collection of ever more data and the need for skilled talent. The ability to analyze data, perform predictive analysis, and draw meaningful conclusions is crucial to successfully participate in shaping the future of the energy industry in the United States and worldwide.

Well Rounded Professional Programs

The well-rounded programs provide graduates with advanced skills in data analytics. Additionally, our energy sector focused programs provide students with an understanding of the nuances of the modern energy industry. The curricula for these highly specialized programs were developed by Clover University faculty and leadership, its Board of Advisors and with feedback from industry experts and employers.

All courses focus on getting graduates job-ready and foster hard skills as well as analytical skills and presentation and writing competencies required to communicate findings to a variety of stakeholders. The Master of Science in Data Analytics and Sustainable Energy program also includes a capstone project that allows graduates to sharpen their research skills by working closely on their individual project with two advisors. Graduates thereby have the opportunity to analyze a problem, working on a question from beginning to end and communicate the results in the form of a presentation and a report. The coursework completed for either of the two graduate certificates in data analytics can be fully transferred to the Master of Science in Data Analytics and Sustainable Energy.

Career Outlook in Virginia

Our region is faced with a critical shortage of Digital Talent in Tech and Tech Adjacent jobs. Projections show that by 2025 as much as "60% of Capital Region Tech and Tech Adjacent positions will be unfilled".[3] On the national level projections show that between 2020 and 2030 jobs in the fields of statistics, data science/data analytics, and economics will increase respectively 33%, 15% and 13%.[4]
Professional Environments
Our programs in data analytics are designed to equip our graduates with the skills needed to succeed in a variety of professional environments that include:
  • Private companies across sectors
  • Think tanks
  • Trade organizations
  • Government agencies
  • International organizations
  • Electric utilities
  • Renewable energy firms
  • Oil and gas companies
  • Consulting firms
  • Law firms
  • Other
Professional Roles
There is a long list of professional roles that are suitable for our graduates:
  • Data scientist
  • Data analyst
  • Quantitative analyst
  • Quantitative financial analyst
  • Statistician
For graduates specializing in the field of energy this list can be expanded to include:
  • Energy sector modeler
  • Renewable/energy analyst
  • Energy security analyst
  • Energy policy analyst
  • Energy sector specialist
  • Energy advisor
  • Energy data engineer
  • Energy industry specialist
  • Sustainability consultant
  • Other

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