Advice and Support

Academic Advising

At Clover University student success is our first priority. We aim at making student experience the best it can be. We are here to assist you at every step of the way. Academic advising is crucial in designing a plan that allows a student to succeed. Academic advisers will maintain regular communication with students.

Contact for help with the following:

Selecting the right program
Designing your plan of study
Enrollment questions
Enrollment forms
Questions that come up as you go through the program

Administrative Questions

Contact for any of the following:
Academic records
Enrollment certificates
Program completion requirements
Policies and procedures
Testing issues

Technical Questions

Contact for any of the following:
Technology support and help
Invalid Login/Password
Website not found

Student Support Hours

Monday – Sunday 9 am – 5 pm (Eastern Standard Time)
Phone: (571) 544-1638

Students reaching out via email or phone must provide the following information:

Full name
Student number (ID number)
Phone number with area code
Email address
A detailed description of the problem
In case the student reaches the answering machine during or after business hours, the student should leave all the relevant information as well as a callback number and the student services representative will reach out to the student as soon as possible.

The responsibility for academic decisions lies with the student. The University offers effective assistance however, the student is responsible for communicating any issues or concerns to his academic advisor, to student services, or to the technology representative immediately so that the University can address these in a timely manner, and find an effective resolution.